A mentoring scheme for people of colour who want to get into film


We have one simple goal: to make the Film, TV and Commercials industry diverse and fair from the ground up.
We have 3 aims:
The way a lot of crew hiring works is through word-of-mouth but this makes it very hard to access. We want to open up the the way we get hired and make contacts in this industry to POC.
Want to make your crew inclusive but have few POC contacts? We’ve made a list.


Everyone in our industry seemed to get in through having family members or friends in the industry. Not all of us are lucky enough to have connections to people already successfully working. We want to be that link between POC just starting in the industry and professionals in the field they already aspire to work in.

Support Network

We hope to create an informal support network of POC and Allies because we all know that this industry can be isolating and draining at times.